We can do this. Let’s change the world.

I am an award-winning filmmaker, an educator and a community organizer running to be your NDP candidate for Toronto-Danforth. I have called this community home for 12 years – it’s where I am raising my two young children with my partner. This is a progressive, caring and diverse community – and we need to regain strong and effective representation in Ottawa.  

I am seeking the NDP nomination because I know it will take a broad coalition to win this riding back and I have the experience and skills to build unity amidst difference.  I use art, advocacy and education to strengthen bridges between people. I know how to engage, mobilize and generate action.

We need to put our values into action. Human lives and this earth are more valuable than corporate profit. We can build a better world - one that works for the many, not just the wealthy.  There are big, bold ideas on the table.  At this political moment – profound change is possible.

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Why I’m choosing Min Sook Lee and why you should, too

Dear Friend,

I am greatly looking forward to going canvassing with Min Sook Lee this summer, as we work hard to bring the federal riding of Toronto-Danforth back to the NDP fold. But first, we have to choose Min Sook Lee as our candidate.

I met Min Sook some time ago as a consequence of her career as a documentary film maker. I know she has deep roots in the Toronto-Danforth community and is an activist on issues that matter. I know she’s canvassed and worked in NDP campaigns, particularly for Olivia Chow.

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A Letter from Naomi Klein

Dear Friends,

I feel like I’m living on a high wire these days, suspended between familiar panic and the welcome shock of new hope. Canada’s climate is warming at twice the global rate. The world’s top climate scientists say we have just 11 years to slash our emissions in half to avoid millions more people facing famine, poverty and other climate-driven catastrophes.

And yet: suddenly, thousands upon thousands of high school students are marching out of class to protest austerity and demand climate justice. In the U.S., electrifying new politicians like Ilhan Omar and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez are telling the truth about empire, corruption, and proposing solutions – like the Green New Deal – that would actually solve the epic and overlapping crises we all face.

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