It's our time.

I’m running to be the NDP candidate for my riding of Toronto-Danforth, because I believe our party is the critical tool our movements need to make change now. People are rising up to meet this challenge all around us. We need a government with guts and the political courage to pass laws that heal the planet, fight poverty and build social justice.

As your Member of Parliament, I will continue the important work of Jack Layton and Craig Scott and stand strong on the issues of our times. I have been engaged in community organizing for over three decades – I've organized campaigns, rallies, workshops, conferences and festivals. I know how to bring people together. As an Assistant Professor at OCAD University, I have led the development of a ground-breaking program, ‘Art & Social Change’ – the first of its kind in the world. The films I’ve made with partners like the National Film Board of Canada, CBC and TVO have united people in action across this country and have had direct impact on people’s lives.

I will continue the NDP’s commitment to making our world a better place. Universal healthcare and maternity leave were secured through a good fight. We now face the fight of our lives. The time for action is now.

Our children will breathe clean air and have drinkable water. We can commit to a carbon-neutral economy. Renewable energy will build good jobs.  Affordable housing, universal childcare & pharmacare, accessible public transit, free education, justice for migrant workers and social equity – we can achieve this.  We must support full Indigenous sovereignty and self-determination. We can revitalize our democracy through electoral reform.

There is much to do together, right here in our community. I look forward to connecting and re-connecting with all of you as well as learning about your priorities and ideas.

Join me, together we will win.